Loma Air's main core business is the overhaul, repair and shockload inspection of both Lycoming and Continental engines since 1979. A “Powered by Loma Air” engine stands for precision workmanship, high quality and durability. All our engines are assembled to factory new limits for fits and clearances, and include all mandatory parts that require 100% replacement during overhaul. All “Powered by Loma Air engines are equipped with new parts and new or overhauled accessories like carburetor, magneto’s, starter, alternator, etc… Our engines are indoor tested on a unique sophisticated test bench, fully computerized and capable to test all approved engine models . Our key benefits are:

• Improved safety

• Enhanced reliability

• Maximum endurance

• Maximum operation potential

• Warranty terms and services

• Multi-lingual staff

• Engine run in test cell


A shockload inspection is no joke, let us help you to get back in the air as best and fast as possible!


In the unfortunate event repair on your engine is needed, let us know the problem and we'll do our very utmost best to master the problem as favourably as possible for you.

Ready to go Loma

We have our own limited list of engines overhauled by Loma Air destined to be delivered immediately, contact us and check them out! 






Factory Exchange

As an authorized distributor for Lycoming Engines, Continental Motors and Superior Air Parts, Loma Air is the contact to order your factory exchange New, Rebuilt or Overhauled exchange engine.

Factory New

Need a brand new engine? Here's the place to order them!

Experimental Engines

Explore the option to assemble your Superior Air Parts experimental engine together with our experienced staff!

An interesting book by Bill Ross from Superior Airparts for both mechanics and pilots:




In need of engine spare parts or chemicals,

We are distributor for various brands, scroll down to check them out!

Extensive Stock

Over 550m ² warehouse, various

spareparts and products in stock

for all your needs!

Short Turn Delivery

Loma Air holds a large diversified stock.

This enables us to reduce leadtime and

TAT as much as possible.



Loma Air upholds an extensive capability list regarding overhaul, inspection or repair of aircraft engine accessories. If you have a magneto, carburator, alternator, generator or starter that is due for overhaul, needs repair, 500hrs inspection or you just want us to test your accessory, give us a call or send us an email.

For any additional questions regarding accessories we have an experienced team of licensed engineers at our disposal to help you find the right answer you are looking for.

We look forward to hear from you soon!


Checking critical engine parts for cracks is a vital process during an engine overhaul or a shock load inspection. Loma Air is equipped to perform three different non-destructive crack testing procedures:

  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI)
  • Ultrasonic inspections on CMI six cylinder crankshafts according to MSB96-10B (UT)

Aviation safety is our primary concern!


With more than 30 years of experience Loma Air can provide you with the perfect solution for all your cylinder problems. After we receive your cylinder(s) we perform an initial inspection and we contact you again to discuss the possibilities to solve your cylinder problem. We can perform sandblasting, NDT testing, valve guide replacement, valve guide reaming, valve grinding, valve lapping, valve seat grinding, cylinder bore honing, cylinder bore deglazing on any repairable cylinder. We also install new piston rings, do pressure differential tests and paint your cylinder. In the unfortunate event your cylinder is not repairable we house a large stock of new cylinders for different engine types. All cylinder repairs meet the manufacturers specifications and are provided with an easa form 1/log entry.


Loma Air is authorized to perform overhaul and testing of aeroquip hoses.




We care for your engine!!!




Loma-Air recently ordered new freight cases for 

safe shipment of your engine!!!








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    The beginning

    My dear father Louis Swiggers founded Loma Air in 1979. Before this he worked as an aircraft mechanic at "Sabena" for about ten years. In 1964 he married his great love Edith Caluwaert and a year later their first son "Jo" was born. In the same year he quit his job at "Sabena" to start his own "car sales and repair" shop in Heist-op-den-Berg and soon three more children were added to his responsibilities. Meanwhile his passion for aviation always had remained and in 1979 he and his good friend Marc Haegeman bought a Cessna 152 and learned to fly it, with his expertise as a former aircraft mechanic later that year Loma Air was born. Several decades later Loma Air is one of the major overhaul and parts shops in Europe. Unfortunately Louis passed away in March 2015. As Samuel Smiles once quoted: “The career of a great man remains an enduring monument of human energy. The man dies and disappears, but his thoughts and acts survive, and leave an indelible stamp upon his race”. Today we continue (t)his race with a team of 17 motivated men and woman, and all of Louis' four children working in the company, Loma Air remains a family owned business. We continue his legacy to the best of our abilities.


    An Swiggers

  • Loma2

    December 2016

    We moved!

    Relocating to a new facility has put a lot of weight on the regular work flow, slowing it down was inevitable but once moved the advantages are amazing, brand new workrooms, double test bench, new offices. We're ready to take up the challenge of providing our first rate service on your aircraft engine once more.

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    Team Loma

    Team Loma, at your service

  • 2017 09 02 lomo air heist op den berg smile 7865

    September 2017

    Loma-Air Event

    Official opening of the new Loma-Air building.

  • Xperience


  • 20161024 155700


    Team Loma at Bevekom airforce base

    Since Loma Air services the engines for the Marchetti aircrafts of the Belgian airforce our crew was invited at the 70th anniversary of the airforce base in Bevekom.

    Our sincere thanks to all the airforce personnel to make it a great day! 

  • 20170211 173644


    Visited by the newspaper

    We are honoured "Gazet Van Antwerpen", one of the major newspapers in Flanders wrote an article about Loma Air, placing the story of recently passed away founder Louis Swiggers and the history of Loma Air into the spotlights!

  • Img 8675bis bm 1


    Visit by Gwendolyn Rutten

    During her tour through Flanders Gwendolyn Rutten, chairwoman of one of the major political parties in Belgium Open-VLD paid us a visit. Accompanied by accountable manager An Swiggers and our maintenance manager Ellen Van Hove she and her entourage was given a guided tour through the company.



Loma Air

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